About UNE North

The Center for North Atlantic Studies of the University of New England

Creating Connections and Solutions Across the Global North

UNE North is a signature interdisciplinary center at the University of New England that convenes faculty, professional staff, and students to partner with stakeholders from across the global North to address critical social, environmental, healthcare, and economic challenges in the North Atlantic and the Arctic regions. 

The Center connects UNE’s expertise with a robust network of academic, business, government, and non-governmental organizations to foster productive partnerships and solve common problems. UNE North supports students from across the University’s colleges and disciplines to engage with this work, through their studies, and in their future careers. 

Front Door to the New North

Centered in Portland, Maine, where the deep-water harbor is the gateway for U.S. engagement in the global North, UNE North recognizes the demographic, geographic, climatic, and cultural similarities Maine shares with the North Atlantic and Nordic states.

For example, Maine is a largely rural state with an aging population, where access to quality healthcare is a persistent challenge. Climate change is disrupting traditional fishing and agricultural economies. A deep and admirable culture of environmental stewardship often clashes with industrial development efforts — even development based on sustainability ideals. Indigenous communities struggle to take advantage of economic and educational opportunities while preserving traditional ways of life. 

In addressing such issues, we have much to learn from, and much to share with, our neighbors across the region.

Innovations for People and the Environment

Grounded in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, UNE North is a leader in promoting sustainable development in Maine, New England, and throughout the North Atlantic and Arctic region. The Center is also focused on exploring innovative and scalable approaches to expand access to quality healthcare, particularly in underserved rural communities, through tools such as telehealth and digital medicine and by using pedagogical models such as collaborative,  interprofessional education. 

The Center collaborates with the University’s colleges to envision new academic programs, cultivate new research partnerships, and advance new study abroad opportunities for students.

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What is the new north?

The “New North” comprises the North Atlantic and the Arctic Oceans, and the countries and communities surrounding those areas. What makes it new are changes that have opened up areas that were previously inaccessible, creating opportunities for development and resource extraction while also disrupting traditional ways of life.

UNE North is committed to fostering the health of people, communities, and the environment within these changing landscapes and seascapes.

University of New England launches UNE North